Skateboarding: Book of Tricks (Start-Up Sports)

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Allan Sefton. Hugh Holland. Jonathan Mehring. Sean Cliver. Jerry Hsu. Bam Magera. Rodney Mullen. Scott Stephens. Matt Berger. Carl Poe. Anton Corbijn. C R Stecyk. Tony Hawk. Marty Allen.

Magnus Fredrikson. Christian Hosoi. Tino Razo. Per Welinder. Tony Hawks. Ellen Parnavelas. Francesco Ragazzi. Cole Louison.

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D D Miller. Iain Borden.


Thomas Sweertvaegher. Jim Smith. Jocko Weyland. Stanton Hartsfield. Rhyn Noll. William Sharp. Marie Porter. Sherwood Kent. Jason Boulter. Anthony Tafuro. Mike Blabac. I just wish this exsisted when i was first learning how to skate. If you are not satisfied with the purchase for any reason, be sure to send an email to shop brailleskateboarding. I will refund you the full video price! So, what do you have to lose? Have you had success with Skateboarding Made Simple?

We want to see your progression video! Let us know what you liked the most about Skateboarding Made Simple, so we can share it and capitalize on that part of it!

Luckily, we have a whole post for that trick! Greetings from jamaica W. Keep looking though and be sure to reach out to support brailleskateboarding.


It goes over each individual step so you can land it! Oh no! Check out our Kickflip tutorial to find the secrets to the kickflip. Thanks Arron I started 3 months ago and skateboarding made simple help me do a Ollie in 2 weeks really good. Keep us posted with your progress and send us your Ollies by tagging us on Instagram brailleskate.

Practice makes perfect! Sometimes it takes some time. It goes in depth on all parts of the trick. Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 1 goes into even more detail, which will definitely help!

I hope I can get better. Keep your knees bent. I need help on the frontside ,aaron said we must do an olies and turn our bodies but when I do it like that my body turn and the board does not turn. The Frontside can be a little tricky at first. Check out our full blog post on it! Your email address will not be published. No products in the cart. Skateboarding Made Simple I have been teaching people of all ages how to skateboard for the past several years and have found many things in common amongst new skaters.

Skateboarding: Book of Tricks by Doug Werner

Aaron Kyro Skateboarding Made Simple is the most in-depth collection of skateboarding tricks out there. Practice Steps If you practice the correct steps of the trick, you will build up to attempting it and landing it. Thanks so much! Darren says:. March 18, at pm. Inha says:. August 16, at am. Alec O'Grady says:. September 7, at pm. March 20, at pm. March 27, at pm. Gael says:. Talya Minsberg, tminsberg.

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